Revisiting the past and gracing its eloquence in present

Coming back of the retro opulence of fashion means this season’s styles have put-together chic panache that compliments today’s trend. While everything is moving forward, the goodness of fashion – of the past – have drawn many fashion daredevils to mix and match the elegance of yesteryears giving it a brand new feel.

The plump illustration of colors, polka dotted skirts and tops, silhouetted dresses, flower inspired hair bands and the vintage aviators gels it all together reminiscing  the hippie-hi times. The revolutionary era and the mindset that approves the classic lifestyle and fashion is yet again making its presence felt. The fashion of the hay days has been the source of inspiration to many males and females alike compelling the golden era to set foot at the mordern age merging with the aura of the contemporary wave.

Though revolutionary days have sagas so rich and diverse, the present batch of enthusiasts seem to be leaving no stone unturned to get back the retro feel. Designer and fashion buff Rajani Mali states, “The colors have sprouted out towards the brighter end resembling bliss and jubilation. Also, a collection of old-school patterns can be seen dominating the attire that the youth profoundly parade in. The ‘hipsters’, of the modern era, too have contributed in campaigning for the hippy fashion.”

From urban streets to the internet to your favorite TV shows, you have them in all spreading out like wildfire. The bohemian sentiments of the 60s and 70s are given a modern day ultra-luxurious touch with a subtle revamping to compliment the present demands. The most notable would be the peace accessories that the Beatles’ drummer Ringo Starr sports, the classy glasses which never seem to go out of fashion and the ever so elegant hair-do.

Also, reminiscing the glory days, it is obvious that the cult nurtured in the capital was the result of travellers and the same practice is prevalent now too. In streets of Thamel and Basantapur and also the major tourist hubs in Pokhara, you can see tourists flaunting kaleidoscopic prints which speak of the mindset they profoundly carry.

The retro fashion which is heavily influenced by the particular lifestyle of the time was dominated by the break free mindset that most youth carried. Europe and the Americas got their share through legendary music icons like Bob Dylan and The Beatles, while here at Kathmandu; we saw a more prominent mass moving towards a more unrestricted zone. Kathmandu being the melting pot of the juvenile revolutionists was also considered as the Mecca for all who spoke of flower power and perceived themselves as the advocates of peace.

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