HOPE is a Nepali magazine geared towards delivering articles and information focused on real life needs that are crucial in not only helping individuals, but communities and businesses alike reach their best potential.

Our content serves not only motivational and inspirational material, but educational material meant to teach and bring awareness to our readers about important topics that are instrumental in helping people lead a HAPPY, HEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL LIFE!

Our content focuses on issues ranging from personal well-being, social reform, ethical principals that serve as the foundation of business prosperity, addresses human, ecological and environmental sustainability required for optimal growth and features success stories of individuals, communities, society, businesses, as well as successes of Nepal as a country with an intention to inspire other to go after and reach their own personal successes.

We support and advocate personal welfare of all people, social, political and economical change, fair treatment and equal opportunity within the workforce, entrepreneurship, protection of the environment and it’s natural resources and pride in Nepal’s culture and contributions to the world at large including it’s tourism.

HOPE is under the direction of Merchandise Publication Pvt. Ltd. Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Merchandise Publication

Merchandise Publication Pvt. Ltd., a publication established to publish and advertise ideas and issues of social affairs. Our publication will pay extra attention in promoting literature, culture, health and entertainment that surely will be fruitful done for the general people.

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