Fame oozing

Rockstar in the making 

When I was the age of LoveinKhadgi, music did not matter much to me, let alone strumming tunes to perfection the way he does. At the tender age of only 11, Lovein has earned a reputation that very few of his contemporaries do. He already has his hands set on multiple percussion and melody instruments. From the western drums to the more ethnical instruments like congo, bongo, djembe and tabala, he has gained fluency in them all. Also, the little musician has a good sense of rhythm pattern and merges guitar rhythms with his vocals.

The meeting with Lovein and his dad, arranged in the late afternoon at Mangabazar’s Third World Café, was a real treat to me as a fellow musician. Being brought up in a musical family has played the key role in his upbringing as a musician. Lovein says, “I learn from my dad. We share similar musical interest. My dad introduced me to Dire Straits, AC/DC, Metallica and GnR.” Verbally reenacting an incident with his dad, Lovein said, “I am a big fan of AC/DC. I was introduced to the band when my dad came to me and exclaimed ‘puttar ma tapailaikhatrageetsunauchu.’  Then thunderstruck rolled in the CD player.”

While we chatted at the terrace, Lovein played tunes of Four None Blonde, Dire Straits and his favorite AC/DC. He also informed that he could play seek and destroy completely on the drums – an early Metallica song which comprises vigorous drumming and complicated breaks throughout.

Lovein and his father, LaxmiKhadgi – a social worker by profession, exclaimed their gratitude for having renowned musicians around them. LaxmiKhadgi has always been in close contact with the pioneers of Nepali music, especially those from Patan. This has also helped in nurturing Lovein, he believes. He says, “We are lucky to have musicians by our side all the time. Deepak Bajracharya, BhupenBajracharya, Nilesh Joshi and Dibesh Mulmi from Cobweb, they’re all good friends of mine. Jamming with these stars from a very tender age will help him understand and respect the values of music.”

Besides playing with celebrities, Lovein is a part of an orchestra in his school. He and his school orchestra performed amidst a huge mass at the recently held Kumaripati – Jawalakhel street festival. His role at the gig was to set the perfect timing with a traditional Newari cymbal. But now, the faculty of his school has their heeds set on having Lovein lead the school orchestra.

Lovein, a student at Rosebud school is already a well-known figure among his counterparts. Despite his devotion towards music, Lovein performs amazingly well in school. He topped his class with an astonishing 97% to be promoted to the fifth standard. The not so shy boy spoke of his fame at school with a cheerful  grin, “The guys greet me and older girls pull my chick and exclaim ‘Babu!’”

When asked of his future plans, he said he is working hard to be a good musician. With multiple songs already under his belt, Lovein plans on doing a stadium tour at the United States of America after he gains enough fame and respect. He also plans on taking his musician uncles to back him up on the tour. But unlike others, he already has a strict policy against drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. He believes in staying clean and performing sober.

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