Open your heart out, and whatever’s needed to be opened to keep sex related troubles away.

OMG! He kissed her.” were the most expressive words when tattletales spread rumors of people making out not so long ago. But things have seemed to changed now, the new generation is more adaptive to sexual contents compared to its preceeding generations. Rewind time a decade back to compare the perception towards sex, you’ll find advertisers spending heaps encouraging people to publicly use a term as simple as ‘condom’ openly. Skin show and public display of affection were out of the equation then.

Comparatively, current generation is more open to sexual content. Willingness to open up have perks of their own. Some include better safety and prevention education from peers, pregnancy facts and precautions to name a few. Experimentations during intercourse can be another rising trend that we get to hear of or even see every now and then. With the neo-generation speeding up in every manner possible, catching up can be a difficult process to the predecessors. With the traditional - learn on your own - theory still in practice, gates for errors can be seen opening up rapidly. Yes, not every parent ideolize Mr. Lovenstein but willingness to open up like him could keep toubles at bay.

Start by stating your concerns; share your stories related to your struggles when you wore their shoes. Explain the positive and negative impacts of sex and how they can affect lives. Starting can be very difficult but on the contrary, it is the most curcial stage of getting   conversation of any sort initiated.

Approach important topics without disturbing their privacy

Sex talks with your younger ones can be disturbing but if you give it a clear cut conversation you will be able to clear away their sex related dilemmas. Besides, you can act as a role model and lighten the way to them towards a healthy sexual life.

But a fact that you should acknowledge is that you should not interfere with their privacy. This can create a negative image of you in their heads and in future they might not want to have a quick chat on this topic.  Rather try a different approach, search for the natural opportunities a without demanding the intimate details. This way you can keep a close connection with them without making them feel that you are keeping an eye on them.

Provide the right tools when necessary

There are a dozen reasons why parents want their children to use condoms ‘when the right time comes.’ Discussing whether or not it is the right time may be incredibly important. Maturing teens need to know that sex won’t heal a troubled relationship, and neither is sex a proof of adulthood.


Every parent wishes to nurture their children with immense love and care but sometimes it’s not enough. They also need to introduce them with social norms and values, so that they can escape the aftermath of the activities they indulge into. One of the major issues that most parents tend to avoid is contents regarding sexual activities which have created a huge drawback to many.

We all reside in a modern world which sees major changes on a short period of time. And talking about a sex is still considered a taboo. But, the bitter truth is that it’s one of the major factors that parents should initiate themselves so that their children can have a better knowledge regarding the matter of sex.

Here are some of the facts that experts have discovered based on the stats of past couple of years.
  • Teen’s involvement in sexual activities has nearly doubled on the past couple of decades. 

  • Over the past few years, most teens between the ages of 12 and 13 have also been sexually active as described by most Physicians. 

  • Theaveragecountofsexualpartnersduringteen has significantly escalated to a higher point. 

  • Similarly, teen’s involvement with high-risk 
partners has significantly gone up. 

  • The use of illicit drugs amongst teens has mounted to a certain level which consequently has opened the gates for infections like HIV 

  • and STD’s. 

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