MotiMahal Deluxe, alluring customers with a delish assortment of greens

It’s not every day you have your smirk in one piece when being served vegetables and dairy food items by trading the goodness of the non-veg pleasures. As a meat lovers, dissatisfaction of the fair was very expected at Durbar Marg’sMotiMahal Deluxe. But the manager, GokulSubedi’s assurance of delivering quality and heightened taste maintaining utmost hygiene enthralled us and also had us anticipate for the goodness the kitchen crew were to deliver. Sudedi assured, “We serve only vegetarian dishes. It could sound unwelcoming to meat lovers but believe me; we’ve had them walking out with nothing but praises for the quality and taste that we deliver. The five star quality we deliver at a mere price of 1000 – 1500 rupees per head has drawn many compelling us to keep our clients waiting for some time at rush hours.” Subedifuther explained, “The reason behind going full veg was the lack of vegetarian Indian restaurant in the Durbar Margh stretch. But the appreciation we’ve received over the time period is simply noteworthy..”

Not just the food but the ambiance the restaurant exhibits too is very soothing. The cool ambient lighting towards the windows and dimly lit warm light at the bar area and entrance send out warm vibes. The neatly decorated tables at the diner catches eyes while presentation of vegetarian delights in unique platters also help you keep trace of the gestures at MotiMahal Deluxe.

MotiMahal Deluxe serves a mix of wide ranged elegances from various parts of India. The collection of Indian food has been a favorite here. For starters, Manager Subedi suggested going for the simple salt, corn and pepper. The dish, with corn base, oozes a burst of flavors after mixing with other veggie assortment and spices.

Tofu chilli and acharipaneertikka come relatively as better news to non-veg fanatics. Enveloped in various spices, the non-veg delights have a meaty flair to it that could invite any non-veg enthusiast to try it. The expertise of the kitchen staff is visible in the fact that all the dishes plated up were disguised to look and taste to a huge extent like juicy, chunks of meat items. Though made from purely from vegetables, the exterior and also the taste up to a huge extent exhibit the qualities of various meaty food items.

And for the full course, ask for the array of gourmet dexterousness brought together from various nooks and corners of India. From the famous naan to the heavy pulses and rich butter infused meals, they serve them all. Also, keeping the true flavors and identity of India intact in the dishes, the food sprouts a notch of spicy aroma in most of them. Also, the unique vessels the main course is brought has an attraction of its own. The Dal Makhani – black lentils cooked in cream and purified butter – is served in a miniature bucket while the SabjiHandi – an assortment of cooked vegetables -  is served in a  bakedmud container.

Apart from the food, the restaurant also caters its customers with a variety of mocktails. Cinderella and Mock Punch being their most esteemed drinks is also a good option to help you chill in the summer heat. Also, the restaurant has separate secluded cabins for private gatherings and to keep even the children entertained, the restaurant has a gaming zone equipped with Play Stations. This also acts as a waiting room in case of
pack occupancy.

Tofu chilli and acharipaneertikka come relatively as better news to non-veg fanatics... the non-veg delights have a meaty flair to it 

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