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Do you think the government is doing enough work for post disaster management? Do you have any suggestions for the government to improve the relief aid?

Talking about government and its work, yes they haven’t been able to provide aid to all suffering victims though they are working for it. They really are moving slow... they actually need to act real fast and at least try to cover all the areas providing necessary aid, food and shelter. People who have lost everything in this massive disaster really need help and support!! Jasmin Maharjan



At this moment, the government should sacrifice their selfishness for the welfare of the nepalese people and the nation. This is the crucial moment for all the victims...government should utilize the aid and the relief that came from other countries. Utilizing the relief materials would be the great help for the victims to survive...stay alert stay safe people; time to rise again.Jyotee Maharjan



Government is doing its work but its quite slow. They actually have to help poor and needy people. They should help the people from the inner core of the heart not for the name and fame of the party or a particular person. Shruti Sinha


No, the government is not providing enough help for this disaster management, and the help which it has provided is being misused by so called distributors! So for the proper help of victims this relief distribution process must be implemented properly without corruption. government should have strict eyes on relief distribution process. Rusha Shrestha



No, its not enough. Everyone can see the pain of the victims but people in our government have closed their eyes. Many of the facilites provided by our fellow neighbour countries, should have been managed and distributed properly. The disaster has affected so many rural places of our country where we cannot reach by any means of transportation, maybe people there are dying without food shelter or medical facilities, our government should act fast or we will not be able to rise again. Our government is corrupted and selfish I think first they need to be cleaned before they promise to clean our country. Anie Chetri

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