Revisiting the past and gracing its eloquence in present


    The architectural casualties have been cleared mostly, however the fact remains that some of the absolutely precious artifacts and monuments of the golden age aren’t with us; well, for the moment


    Global warming, the road to extinction?

  • Youths in Politics

    Ujwal Thapa likes to call himself a Nepali farmer, political activist and an entrepreneur.

  • Keeping epidemics at bay

    In the aftermath of the Gorkha Earthquake, settlements that had been destroyed are still under construction. People are living in tents or makeshift homes set up in  available spaces which lack proper facilities of sanitation and hygiene.

  • Building Quick Homes

    The earthquake aftermath has seen many Nepalese homeless and compelled to take shelter and share tents  with other people.

  • Your Faithful Companion

    From German Shepherd to Pugs, know the Dog breeds that fascinates a pet lover


  • Humans of Nepal

    Getting old doesn’t mean that I can’t work for my living. I can still work to sustain myself. Live has been busy for me, working for my family so that my children need not struggle for food like me.

  • Kathmandu Infected

    Swine flu outbreak in Kathmandu

  • United Against Cancer

    Huge steps have been undertaken in the field of medicine.