Just in the outskirts of the valley is a treasure trove for weekend getaway- Chhaimale. Helping people discover this enchanting village’s potential is Chhaimale Resort.

  • Mesmeric Farwest

    Tikapur’s laidback lifestyle along with a plethora of activities surrounding its vicinity gives a complete travel  package for any explorer.

  • To the turquoise lake

    A journey through the hidden beauty of Karnali to a lake of magnificent beauty, turquoise waters spreading along outstanding geographical settings, Rara’s vicinity provides utmost peace and tranquility to all who venture to take this outstanding jou

  • Why Nepal

    The devastating earthquake on April 25 took few of our most beloved ancient monuments and buildings, yet many attractions that are worth visiting are unharmed.

  • A local alien

    In a floral printed shorts around Benaulim

  • A Nature Walk

    Pokhara, a magnificent city which flaunts the true beauty of Nepal is also a checkpoint of trek to other amazing destinations.

  • A Water Ball In Pokhara

    Pokhara a city famous for it’s magnificent natural and cultural sites, a city that homes some of the magnificent scenario’s of Nepal.

  • Chitlang

    Chitlang provides a blissful escape to many fastened tightly to their work schedule, amidst from the hustle and bustle of the citylife at about a distance of 27 kilometers south-west of Kathmandu.

  • The Dawn of Mountain Biking

    It would be sad but safe to assume you’ll be stuck in traffic today on your way to work and back.