Pilot Saugat Gurung-Test Driver

If you’re looking to stand out on the roads of Kathmandu, you’ve hit the jackpot with Datsun Go+. It’s modern and distinctive features such as a unique front grille and an athletic exterior give it an extraordinary oomph.

The Exterior

Though Go+ is regarded as a family car, the exterior oozes modernity with a lustrous and vibrant silhouette. The unique body of the car is an eye-catcher. Datsun Go+ has concerns for your family’s safety and is equipped with iconic and reliable headlamps that illuminate paths. Datsun Go+’s unique and edgy grille with a honeycomb structure is bound to get you noticed! 

The Interior

The comfortable placement of the gear shift knob of the 5-Speed Manual Transmission is unquestionably the highlight of the interior design. It’s located on the instrument panel in close reach to the steering wheel. It has been further designed to provide extra space for your legs and keep you comfortable on the go. The dashboard with a soft to touch leather-feel gives the interior a high end luxurious feel. Go+, as most automobiles of the twenty first century is outfitted with powered windows on the front seat and manual at the back. Although the circular design of the air conditioning vents are designed to allow for greater flexibility in pin-pointing the direction of air-flow, the AC is quite weak and unimpressive. Datsun GO+ reduces brake fade from overheating by giving you the largest-in-class 22mm front ventilated disc brakes with increased longevity.


Go+ is equipped with a smart meter that includes a digital tachometer as well as a gear shift guide on the speedometer that shows the perfect time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance. The drive computer displays some helpful information such as fuel consumption and distance to an empty tank. Pick up, acceleration, breaks and steering are all above and beyond the expected. Go+’s impressive Electric Power Steering allows the driver to adjust the level of power assistance to suit the current speed.

A major disadvantage are the miniature tires that are impractical for the bumpy roads in Nepal as even the slightest potholes cause vibrations that may damage the car in the long run. Although, Datsun claims that smaller tires allow for a greater mileage and a small turning radius, I stand by my disapproving views.


Go+ has what it takes to keep a big family comfortable on the buzzing streets of Nepal. It’s a spacious hatchback family wagon with plenty of leg room and a large trunk that can transform into more sitting space. The spacious environment gives off an SUV vibe, yet it does not feel awfully large to control on the streets. Go+ is equipped with a mobile docking station that mounts your smartphone on the dashboard, providing easy access to music, hands-free calling and GPS navigation. The Audio system is located at the two doors, yet it’s quite poor and unimpressive. Go+ is equipped with ergonomic front seats that are designed to keep you comfortable and alert, even during long hours behind the wheel.


Small tires that cause vibrations and discomfort, weak air-conditioning and a poor sound system are some of the major drawbacks.


A modern, twenty-first century family hatchback wagon that’s perfect for a family!

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