New Generation: Scorpio

A leader in the SUV segment since 2002, the Scorpio is a style statement and a symbol of adventure, power and thrill. The New Generation Scorpio is expected to take this to new heights. Giving it a sophisticated urban edge at a time when Mahindra was primarily thought of as a rural player, the new generation Scorpio is supposed to deliver exceptional value while offering Accessible Technology to customers across Nepal.

The New Generation Scorpio is powered by the mighty mHawk engine (120 PS power and 280 NM torque) to tackle all types of terrain and a new generation transmission for a smoother fatigue-free gear shift. In addition, the new generation platform, with a new cushion suspension technology and anti-roll technology, has taken the ride and handling of the Scorpio to significantly improved levels. The vehicle’s contemporary, more aggressive exteriors and premium interiors give the New Generation Scorpio a whole new dimension.


Performance, Ride and Handling

The New Generation Scorpio comes with an all new platform including cushion suspension and anti-roll technology that delivers unparalleled ride and handling. High cushioning and greater shock absorption enables a smooth ride even on uneven roads. The advanced 2.2 litre, 4-cylinder, turbocharged mHawk engine, generates 120PS power and 280Nm torque. This powerful delivery enables one to surge ahead of other cars. The new 5MT320 gearbox helps shift gears effortlessly for a fatigue-free driving experience. Also available in a 4x4 option, the shift on fly 4 Wheel Drive on the vehicle gives it the freedom of driving on any kind of terrain. The excellent and much improved turning radius of 5.4 meters enables ease of maneuverability even in the most congested places.

All New Contemporary Exteriors

With a contemporary, more aggressive look, the New Generation Scorpio is a whole new breed altogether. The stylish headlamps come with advanced Static Bending Technology to light up those hairpin bends. The hi-tech LEDs give an aggressive look and also act as parking lights. The vehicle’s grille comes with premium chrome accents giving it an imposing road presence. The New Hi-Tech LED Tail Lamps is definitely a head turner. The stunning 17 inch alloy wheels create a bold impression along with Silver-finished fender bezel that bears the unmistakable stamp of the powerful mHawk engine and integrated indicators. New wrap around Bonnet adds to the style quotient. The striking new Bonnet Scoop with ‘low drag intake’ design – enables entry of air into the intercooler, thereby helping improve engine performance. Fog lamps add to the style and also provides better visibility while driving in poor or low visibility conditions.

Advanced Technology

Equipped with numerous easy to use technological advancements, the New Hi-Tech 6” Touch Screen Infotainment System controls both music and navigation on the go. One can also get various vehicle related information at the touch of a button. Fully Automatic Temperature Control maintains the cabin at your preferred temperature without the need to keep adjusting blower and cooling knobs. Micro-hybrid technology enables the engine to intelligently switch into standby when not required. Smart rain and light sensors automatically turn the headlights on or off according to light conditions, and also controls the speed of wipers according to the intensity of rain. Tyre-tronics is another sophisticated measuring system that enhances safety by providing live updates of the exact air pressure and temperature in each tyre. Intellipark (Reverse Assist) consists of 4 sensors in the rear bumper that warns about any obstacles within 50-120 cms, making reversing and parking convenient and safe. The Voice Assist System provides timely reminders for door ajar, seat belt warning, low brake fluid, fuel on reserve, et cetera.

Plush on the inside

Brand new dual tone dashboard in the New Generation Scorpio gives its interior a fresh premium coat. Step into a luxurious new world with new premium 2-tone interiors, a brand new dual tone dashboard and new blue-grey upholstery. Drive into the future with a 3D effect cluster design which is stunningly illuminated.  The All New Sporty Steering Wheel comes with steering-mounted Cruise and Audio Controls to handle the roads and your music with ease.


Safety is another well maintained aspect in the New Generation Scorpio. Dual front airbags protects occupants from serious injury in the event of a collision. Anti-lock braking system prevents skidding and keeps the vehicle steerable and in control during sudden braking, hence avoiding accidents. Crash protection crumple zones absorb most of the impact in case of a collision. The rigid steel bars in the doors minimize impact from the sides. In the event of a frontal collision the steering column collapses to reduce injury to the driver. The Engine Immobilizer is an encrypted key recognition system that keeps your New Generation Scorpio safe and rejects any other key right away. New panic brake indication provides a hazard warning during sudden deceleration while the vehicle speed is over 100kmph. The vehicle door locks by itself when the speed crosses 20kmph. Anti-Theft Warning, Speed Alert Warning and Anti-Pinch Smart Window are other added facilities.

Comfort and Convenience

The Height Adjuster on driver’s seat allows drivers to adjust the seat height as per convenience. Hydraulic-assisted Bonnet helps lift the bonnet without any effort whatsoever. New Power Window Controls is mounted on all door arm rests in the New Generation Scorpio. Also the Rear AC Vents ensure uniform and efficient cooling for the rear passengers. Steering-mounted Cruise Control maintains the speed at the preset level without ever pressing the accelerator. Steering mounted Audio Controls allow the control of the audio system without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Electric ORVMs can be easily adjusted with electric controls inside the cabin from the driver’s seat. The headlamps remain on for some time after locking/unlocking the vehicle. This illuminates the path for walking conveniently up to your home or to your New Generation Scorpio.

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