Southern Authenticity

Bringing the genuity of Tharu community in the capital

Though hidden amidst a concrete mess, once you set foot in the premises of the Tharu Village, it provides a breather with a wide open space to stroll around with ease. Located in a narrow alleyway in New Baneshwor, the restaurant and hotel opens to a broad expanse with an ample space for parking providing easy admission. From the entrance, you can see the décor replicating features of a typical Tharu setting of the Terai plains. Adding more authentic panache, the village also flaunts arts and crafts from Tharu community.

Member of the managing committee, RabindraChaudhary explained, “We have tried to give as much Tharu feel as possible to the restaurant. You can see hand woven baskets made of grass and then there are other handicraft items that in a way exhibit the rich Tharu culture.” Chaudhary pointed towards the more prominent articles put on display as he spoke. He added, “However we’re not done yet. We are trying to slather the walls and floors of one of our dining rooms with mud. This is how Tharu homes are. We are undergoing changes and will hopefully see completion soon.”

Officially opened in Mangsir last year, Tharu Village Restaurant has over sixty seating facilities allocated for its clients. One may dine under the open sky surrounded by the floras around the tree trunk seating or choose to sit in one of their three dining enclosures. When in the Tharu village, try their local delicacies. This, in many ways can help you know better of the clan. Ask for their specials; Ghongi, BhagiyaDhikri, Sidra, pigeon meat and Andi rice are few of the food items the chefs would recommend to the customers. Explaining about the dishes, Chaudhary said, “Ghongis are found in fresh water. These are species of mollusks. We clean, boil then cook before serving it. We serve these with the famous Andi rice. These can also be consumed with one of our bread items.” Speaking of other delights that made its way from the kitchen, he added, “Pigeon meat is another item which we would recommend. It is beneficial to health too. It is eaten to cure cold.” The price ranging from Rs 375 to 450 for a full set of the original Tharu meal does not require a heavy wallet either. The menu caters clients leaving them with a taste of the Nepali South.

The latter half of the premise is a hotel run and managed by the same committee. You take a quick stroll along the restaurant through a gate to enter the hotel. The restaurant also entertains its guests with cultural shows reflecting the Tharu lifestyle.


For more information:
Tharu Village
Bijulibajar, Kathmandu
Phone no. 01-4491059

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