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Tikapur’s laidback lifestyle along with a plethora of activities surrounding its vicinity gives a complete travel  package for any explorer.

Tikapur lies alongside the Karnali, 14 km south of the East-West Highway and 15 km north of the border with India. It’s all about perfect relaxation here, no mountains to gaze at and no monuments to explore meaning no pressures of anticipation. Tikapur is the first properly designed town in Nepal with the sole purpose of creating a town.

In 1968, the area was primarily a dense forest with a few sparsely populated Tharu hamlets in clearings. King Mahendra had a heart attack on a hunting trip to Suklaphanta and was advised by his physicians against flying to Kathmandu. This marks the advent of Tikapur town, a makeshift sanatorium here in the western Terai where the King presumably regained his health.

Parks and Restaurants

Tikapur Park, one of the biggest and beautiful parks in Nepal was build during King Mahendra’s stay. The Park is now known as “The Rest Place of King MahendraTikapur Park”. There is a beautiful park adjacent to the river called Tikapur Great Garden which is popular among picnickers and one kilometer away from the park there’s a restaurant called Banana’s Restaurant & Hotel which is well known among tourists for its banana dishes serving all varieties from Banana French Fries to Banana Brandy. Relaxing around the river bed near the park is one of the fun to do activities around the park playing with smooth pebbles and clear waters that flows down the river.

Extraordinary assortment of Bananas

The Banana’s restaurant & hotel looks very simple with some banana trees scattered throughout the complex. With a variety of banana delicacies to choose from, you can never say no to this differently set taste. An assortment of banana varieties with altered taste for each item has been highly appreciated by all extends from banana wine which is marked as a ‘soft drink’ to banana chips, banana pakaudi, banana paratha, banana momo and much more.

Rafting around Tikapur

Just behind the Tikapur garden is the tributary of Karnaliriver from where rafting to the Banana Island is something you should not miss. One can enjoy the rafting in a small route by paying a small amount of money. Rafting in Karnali, the longest river of Nepal is gaining popularity and is a great opportunity for rafters to get a glimpse of the wildlife in Bardia National Park. Rafting from Chisapani to Tikapur park and Thakurdwara gives one a rare opportunity to witness tiger, elephant, crocodile and other endangered wildlife, in addition to the adventure of the water voyage downstream. Dolphins are an added attraction though more likely to be seen during the rainy season.

Other attractions

Bardia National Park has attracted wildlife lovers with the natural environment and wide range of animals and birds that can be caught in activity with amazing eye-catching varieties and colors preserved in that National Park. The Karnali Bridge located at a distance of 25 km from the park and Ghodaghodi Lake at 44 km are other nearby attractions where a large mass of people visit. The serene environment raises ample scope for conventional tourism. Taking out a dugout canoe to the Karnali, going on an excursion into the cane forest nearby, sightseeing tours to Ghora-Ghorilake in the north-west, or a safari in the wildlife reserve of Bardiya are attractions to entice any adventure enthusiasts. 

Travel tips

You can get a regular bus to Tikapur which takes around 15 hours. Alternatively a flight to Dhangadi and then a bus ride to Tikapuris possible where private transportation can also be managed. Stay in local hotels is cheap; Siddhartha Hotel and Banana’s Restaurant and Resort are recommended by most. To get around Tikapur e-rickshaw and rickshaw are available which are both eco-friendly and enjoyable to cruise on.

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